Who we are

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Nina, Sophia, Hannah and Nij (c) Monika Chilika/goldlens.co.uk


Sophia Parker is the Founder and Chair of Trustees. She is a mum of three and a born and bred south Londoner. It was the arrival of her third and last baby that got her interested in the idea behind Little Village. She wanted to find a way of helping local families, and also to find a way of giving another lease of life to all the kit her own kids had barely used. Sophia’s vision is for Little Village to be owned and run by local families, and for it to be an integral part of the local community here in south-west London.

Angela Campbell is Little Village’s Charity Co-ordinator. She is a local mum who heard about Little Village via Facebook and was keen to get involved. Having been a single mum herself for a time, Angela knows how valuable the service from Little Village can be for any family struggling to buy the basics. Knowing all those barely-worn baby clothes will be put to good use is a bonus!

Nijma Khan is a founding Trustee and the mum of two gorgeous, spirited girls. She loves the economic and cultural diversity of Tooting – which is one of the reasons she enjoys living here, and bringing up her children here. For Nijma Little Village celebrates the diversity of SW17 and its surroundings – and is testimony to the strong community spirit that exists here.

Nina Moore is a new mum of one who became interested in the idea of Little Village when on maternity leave and is now a Trustee. She hopes Little Village will become a place where everyone in the local community is welcomed and included, where people can exchange stories and support as well as stuff.

Hannah Wallace is a founding Trustee, and a long-term Tooting resident and mum of two young boys. She is passionate about connecting with and supporting other new parents and runs babywearing workshops and events across south west London.

Sarah-Louise Lee is our awesome web volunteer. Sarah has recently settled back in Tooting following the birth of her son. Before having a baby, she had been travelling around South East Asia and South Africa. She and her partner had set up a small web agency in Cape Town where they lived for many happy months.

Monika Chilika is our fabulous photographer volunteer. She’s a Polish documentary photographer based in Tooting. Happily married, mummy to wonderful Nina, yoga enthusiast, entrepreneur, co-owner of Gold Lens Photography agency.

Anna Macmillan is our excellent press and PR adviser.