What do we need right now?

September update:

Little Village is lucky now to have our own space. Although we are very skilled at cramming a lot in, the room isn’t a tardis (sob), so we need to ensure we are using that space to house the items most needed by other local families.

The first thing to do if you’d like to donate is to check our list of items required below, which we update on a fortnightly basis. We would be so grateful if you could avoid bringing us items that we have a surplus of.

The next thing is to ensure that all the items you’re donating are great quality, clean and in full working order. We want our bundles to be gifts, not hand-outs. A simple rule of thumb – if you’d give it to a friend, then we’ll take it!

We take safety very seriously. If you are donating equipment like cots and buggies, do ensure they are clean, and in full working order. And please print out an instruction manual – it saves our volunteers valuable time. Where a piece of equipment has multiple parts, please bind them together or label them clearly.

Updated September 2016:

This month, in addition to the list of what we need to fulfil referrals, we are also collecting toys for the toddler group we’re starting to run every Wednesday when we are open. So if you have dolls houses, farms, ride-on toys, train tracks, or other things you think would be good for this purpose, please drop us a line at littlevillagehq@gmail.com – we can’t usually accept bulky items so this is your opportunity to help us and make some space!

Items we urgently need:


Premature and up to 1 month – neutral, boys and girls

Up to 3 months – neutral

2-5 years girls and boys: winter/waterproof jackets; pyjamas; pants/knickers; tights; socks

3-5 year old girls and boys clothes, especially warm jumpers


Nappies in all sizes (you can buy from our Amazon wishlist here)

Changing mats

Toddler cutlery and plastic plates, bowls and cups

Weaning bibs (with waterproof backs)

Toys and books

Books for 1-3 year olds

Jigsaws for 6mo-2 year olds

Any roleplay toys – dolls, figures, animals, doctor kits

Fancy dress

Craft-y stuff

Items we always need:

Moses baskets


Bouncer chairs


Highchairs (the more compact, the better)


Buggies (from newborn) and strollers in full working order

Items we have a surplus of:

0-12mo clothes (except, weirdly, babygrows with feet, which we’d welcome)

1-2 year old clothes

Weaning pots



Cloth bibs

Cloth nappies

Cot bumpers

Feeding pillows

If you’re not sure, check with us first by emailing us!