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We are looking for hosts, bundlers and sorters, a referrals co-ordinator, and van drivers and co-pilots. In return for a minimum commitment of 3 hours a month, we’ll provide you with training in safeguarding, mentoring and listening skills, as well as the chance to meet lots of other lovely local volunteers.

From September Little Village will have its very own home and garden, 5 minutes from Balham Tube. We are hugely excited about this move, and it opens up lots of exciting possibilities for us.

We are busy planning a drop-in service alongside our referrals service, meaning families in need can visit us themselves, to choose the items they want for their kids. We will also offer a fortnightly delivery service.

As ever, all this depends on our amazing parent-powered network of volunteers.

In return for a minimum commitment of 3 hours a month (undertaken on a regular, predictable slot) we will provide training and support in mentoring, listening skills and safeguarding. We’re also a sociable bunch – it’s a great way of meeting other local parents and we are planning some fun events for the autumn above and beyond the work we’re doing together. So come and get involved!

Read on to find out more about the kinds of roles we’re looking to fill. If you’re interested in any of these, please email us at, telling us which role interests you and why, and one of us will be back in touch before the end of July.


As a host you will welcome families into our new space, making them and their kids feel at home, and thinking with them about what clothes, toys and equipment they need. Having made a list with the parent, you’ll help them find their way round our stock and ensure they leave feeling supported, with all the items they need.

Skills required: you’ll be a great listener, resilient, combining warmth and practical support

Hours: 3 hours a week at our space in Balham, on a Wednesday morning 9.30am-12.30pm, at least once a month

Can I bring kids?: you’ll need to be able to listen and fully engage with the families you’re helping. So if you can do that with your kids then go for it – we know that would work with some children better than others! Babes in arms always welcome.

Bundlers and sorters

As a bundler and sorter you will be on hand to accept donations, apply our strict quality control, and organise items into the right boxes. You’ll also be responsible for putting together referral bundles for families who aren’t able to come in person, creating practical, pretty combinations of clothes into outfits that work, and finding age-appropriate toys and books.

Skills required: you’ll need to be organised, logical, empathetic. An enjoyment of clothes-folding is essential!

Hours: 3 hours a week at our space in Balham, either in the evening or during the day, at least once a month

Can I bring kids?: you’ll be in a room with quite a lot of kit e.g. cots and buggies so it won’t be a particularly safe environment for small children. Babes in arms always welcome.

Referrals co-ordinator

We are looking for a referrals co-ordinator to work alongside our charity co-ordinator. You will monitor our inbox for incomings referrals. You’ll liaise with our referral partners to agree details of the referral, and collection/delivery. You’ll put together a weekly ‘bundling checklist’, detailing the bundles we need to create. And you’ll encourage our referrers to send us back the monitoring forms we ask for.

Skills required: you’ll need to be a people person – you’ll be the key point of contact to our referral partners so this is a really important role for us. You’ll be logical, organised, and able to deal with lots of different cases simultaneously.

Hours: up to a day a week, spread over 5 days. This work can be done remotely from home.

Can I bring kids?: you can fit this role around them, but will need to have at least a couple of hours free during office hours.

Van driver and co-pilot

Not every family is able to collect bulky items such as cots so we are planning a fortnightly delivery service from September. You will be happy driving a zipvan, and delivering to families across Wandsworth. You will also be happy to do some lifting of items (at least we can save you a gym fee!). Because there is a bit of lifting, and because you are visiting people’s homes, we are also looking for co-pilots to help with lifting and keeping the spirits up in the van.

Skills required: clean driving licence, comfortable driving manual van, personable and physically strong

Hours: 3 hours a month, in the evening.

Can I bring kids?: you can if you want to, but you’ll be in and out of the van so we wouldn’t advise it.


Hope to hear from you soon!

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