Would you like to make a referral?

We don’t have complicated assessment criteria, but we do ask that families are referred to us via a professional. That could be a health visitor, social worker, or Children’s Centre professional. It could also be a charity, or a local councillor. Families don’t need to be in crisis for us to help.

Referring a family to Little Village couldn’t be simpler. You just need to complete this straightforward referral form, or download it and email it to us at littlevillagehq@gmail.com. Our volunteers will then put together the items required. You can also email us directly if you need something urgently.

If you are a static organisation (e.g. a foodbank 0r a Children’s Centre) we will arrange to drop the parcel to you, ready for collection by the family. If you have access to transport, we will contact you to arrange collection from a mutually convenient location.

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